February 2021

As per government guidelines during this national lockdown period, the DAS team will be working from home where possible.

However it is not possible for us to do this at all times as we rely on our database, paper files and other resources – all of which are, at present, office based.

So we have taken the following decisions, keeping the health and safety of our staff and clients paramount:

Our service WILL remain open

Monday – Thursday 10am-3pm.

Sadly however clients cannot come into our office during this period of lockdown – if you need us, please call
01394 387070 or email: advice@daseastsuffolk.org
  • Staff will be working from home every Wednesday, so telephone calls will not be answered and any message left after Tuesday at 3pm will be returned on Thursdays.
  • If you are in crisis or need our help urgently – we CAN still help you! We will work differently, try to do as much as possible via telephone etc but DO GET IN TOUCH
  • If you have any questions/queries and you are a person (or family member/carer) living in East Suffolk, with a disability or health condition, then we can and will still help, support, or advise you.
  • Please don’t think that we are not working, just become you cannot come in to our office – we want to hear from you and will try to do our best for you.
  • Our appeals work will continue as before – we will speak to clients over the phone rather than in person.
  • We can still help you complete forms (PIP, ESA, UC, DLA, AA etc etc) – we have to do it differently, that’s all – so do call us.
  • We are also continuing (and expanding) our Listening Service – which is a call to see how you are, if you need any help or advice and to listen. If you would like a call through our Listening Service please email us at advice@daseastsuffolk.org
  • Both radar keys and grants are still available – get in touch!

DAS has been working at the heart of the East Suffolk community for over 35 years supporting anyone with a disability related problem including family carers. We provide impartial, free advice on welfare benefits (inc appeals representation); housing rights; adaptations to the home; accessible transport and leisure; employment and support for return to work; help in a crisis and our Listening Service.

It is our mission to build confidence and improve the lives of those experiencing disability related issues:

“Enabling those who live with disabilities to gain the same rights and quality of life opportunities as others.”

DAS is a Disabled Persons’ Organisation (DPO). These are representative organisations where persons with disabilities constitute a majority of the overall staff, board, and volunteers at all levels. DPO’s primary aim is the empowerment and growth of self-advocacy of persons with disabilities. DPOs understand disability in accordance with the social model, which notes that barriers are caused by society, rather than by a person’s disability.

The entire service is run by just one full-time and four part-time staff with the help of around twenty trained volunteers and active trustees, about two thirds of whom themselves live with a disability.

In 2020 we handled over 5,600 enquiries advising 1,086 clients representing 75 at appeals with a 100% success rate. The total Year 1 benefit gain for clients was £2,111,829, however, when the average longevity of benefit awards is taken into account this scales up to £7,175,091.

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