Donate to DAS

How your donation will help

As demand for our services increases and income from grants is reducing, we urgently need your support to keep our services running.

monthly donation helps us plan our services and gives us more reliable and predictable funding.

However we very much appreciate any donation you can make and you can also make a single donation for any amount.

How to donate

To make a donation, please go to the DAS page on

If you’re eligible to GiftAid your donation, please do this when donating via the link above — GiftAid can give us 25% (less their small admin fee) on top of the donation you make and it won’t cost you anything!

Alternatively, if you prefer a secure direct bank transfer use the Wonderful Payments button below:

£100 will pay forappeal preparation and representation at an appeal hearing
£60 will pay forthe average cost of a home visit including travel costs
£40 will pay fora complex case requiring advice, referral and advocacy
£20 will pay forfilling in a benefit claim form
£10 will pay for1 hour’s telephone advice or a benefit check
£5 will pay forthe cost of helping a customer to access emergency food or fuel
£2 will pay forthe cost of copying a benefit form for a customer’s records

Donate as you shop

easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping fundraising site. It’s simple to use and it’s free. Since launching in 2005 it has helped thousands of good causes like ours raise money simply by shopping online.

amazon smile makes a donation on most purchases if you have signed up to it and selected DAS as your charity. Do it now – it costs nothing and prices of goods are the same.

Thank you so much for your support!