Skills – languages

There are a number of websites that can help you learn a new language or brush up one you learned at school. Many of these also have apps that you can use on a tablet or smartphone.

Can I learn a language online?

See this article from The Guardian (February 2014) to see if you think learning a language online is for you.

Some of the best known language learning websites

Language tools

Translation tools

Automatic translation has come a long way but it’s by no means perfect, at times you can get some strange results. However if you are learning a language you will probably find these tools useful.

Other resources

There are lots of other sites covering grammar, style, history of the language and so on. Here are a few examples to give you a taster, but go into a search engine like Google and Bing and see what’s available.



  • Duden Online Dictionary. Duden produces guides to the German language which are considered to be the most authoritative sources about German. This site is in German.
  • German.Net
  • Goethe Institut: The Goethe Institute is the German government equivalent of The British Council and has a section on their website about the German language


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