Nearly one-fifth of the population has a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability. Whilst some people are born with a disability, any one of us can suddenly have an accident or get an illness that will leave us needing support.

But with public finances tight, charities like Disability Advice Service (East Suffolk) are finding it increasingly hard to obtain the funding we need to deliver our services. And that is why we are reaching out to employers in East Suffolk to ask for your help.

There are simple ways you can help us that won’t cost you a penny, through to longer-term commitments you could make to working together with DAS.

We’ve set out some ideas on this page, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other ways you’d like to help. We know people in East Suffolk can be generous when asked —and we do need your help.

Thank you.

Ten good reasons your business should support DAS

  1. Disability Advice Service East Suffolk (DAS) is a well respected local charity
  2. We have been active in the East Suffolk area for over 30 years
  3. We have strong links with the local community — Suffolk County Council, town and parish councils and a growing number of business organisations
  4. Disability affects all businesses — working with us can help you improve your understanding of disability issues that can affect your customers, staff and prospective staff
  5. Support for a disability charity will show your commitment to a cause that touches the heart of the general public
  6. We help over 1,000 people every year many of whom have inspiring stories to tell
  7. DAS is a lean charity — we rely heavily on volunteers to provide our services, we don’t have expensive offices and overheads, and only employ four part-time staff
  8. Demand for our services is rising, but our funding base is declining — we need your help
  9. By working with local businesses we can ensure our services reach the widest possible range of people — and cost effectively, which benefits everyone
  10. It’s easy to support us — we welcome support at all levels, from simply raising awareness through your website/social media, organising a collection or small event in your workplace, to longer-term, deeper commitments

How you can support us and it won’t cost you a penny!

Here are some ideas that cost nothing, take minimal effort and won’t involve you in any contracts or formal commitments.

Make a donation through LocalGiving.com

Encourage your staff, suppliers and customers to:

  • make a one-off donation through LocalGiving.com using their green Donate now button: go to LocalGiving.com
  • make a regular donation through LocalGiving.com using the blue Give Monthly button: go to LocalGiving.com

If you’re eligible for GiftAid, please GiftAid your donation as this can give us more money, without costing you a penny. 

Make a purchase for your business through Give as you Live

With a little bit more effort

Just like a business, knowing that we have regular and reliable sources of income really helps us to plan our services and operate more effectively.

Here are some ideas for how you could help us support disabled people. Please contact us first so we can check we’re both complying with any fundraising law or regulations:

  • Nominate DAS as your charity of the year
  • Nominate DAS as your charity for events such as sponsored walks or coffee mornings
  • Make a gift as a celebration through our LocalGiving.com page
  • Buy (or sell) raffle tickets for our occasional raffles
  • Set up a Give As You Earn Scheme (GAYE or Payroll Giving)
  • Make a corporate donation: some are tax efficient
  • Pro-bono support: including occasional space for meetings and professional support
  • IT equipment: working IT equipment, printers etc may still have a life

You may have other ideas yourself

Please contact us if you have your own ideas of how you might be able to help us to help disabled people in East Suffolk.

Help promote DAS

Download a poster to put up in your workplace

There are two versions, these are designed for printing so may not be fully accessible online. The content is however covered on this web page.

Follow us online

Follow this website and follow us on social media. We do appreciate you liking us on Facebook or retweeting us on Twitter. But most of all we do need donations — likes and retweets don’t pay the bills! Thank you.

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