Our Heroes

When you need a little help…

DAS and its clients are heavily dependent on a lot of people who mostly give up their time in an unpaid capacity in order to support our cause.

Jo, our Manager, and 6 other paid staff are hugely supported by an army of volunteers. They deliver advice, represent clients at appeal, and support people with illnesses and disabilities across East Suffolk and also in nearby areas:

Jo – Manager

Dagna & Gemma – Senior Advisors

Col – Facilities Manager

Hannah – Specialist Advisor

Alison & Ruth – Duty Advisors

Jane – Office Administrator

Julie, Sue & Tash – Volunteer Duty Advisors Alan, Dee & Louise – Volunteer Appeals Officers Joyce & Liz – Volunteer Advisors Habiba & Roderick – Volunteers in the Listening Service Andy – Volunteer IT Co-ordinator

Additionally a number of generous hearted professionals provide expert advice to us “pro bono” (free of charge) on a project by project basis – often whilst holding down a full time job in their area of expertise.

And not forgetting the helpful and supportive folk at Suffolk ProHelp and Community Action Suffolk.