36 Years of Impact

2020 was the 36th year that the Disability Advice Service (East Suffolk) has been providing relief to the disabled and their carers in the East Suffolk community.

On this page:

  • The main numbers for 2019 and 2020.
  • A link to our client testimonials.
  • Key comments from the independent audit of our advice quality.
  • The beneficial impact of our Listening Service.

In 2019 and 2020…

Who else benefits?

It’s not just clients who benefit – this chart shows the ripple effect ultimately leading to a significant investment in our local economies.

Read what our clients say about the service here.

Audit of our advice quality

An audit of our advice service was carried out in January 2020 by the Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS). Their report included the following statements:

  • “It was evident that in many of the cases seen the adviser had dealt with complex issues and managed client expectations very well.”
  • “From the majority of cases seen, there was clear recording on Re-Dial. All the available fields had been used and additional notes had been made. Clear recording of checks by peers and discussion at ‘appeal meetings’ evident.”
  • “The quality of advice given to clients was of a high standard. Clear that DAS advisors deal with complex cases and in the whole produce very good submissions which is reflected in their success rates which are higher than HMCTS outcomes.”

Impact of the Listening Service

The Listening Service came into being during the first pandemic lockdown and by the end of 2020 had engaged with over 900 clients, many of whom didn’t have specific issue they needed help with but stated that they were feeling fearful, forgotten or anxious and were genuinely so pleased to have heard from us. 23% of our calls led onto further referrals to one of our advisors or were signposted to other agencies such as housing, social care and medical services.

DAS presentation for Charity News Today Radio – February 2021